Unaccompanied Minor Services

The cost of the service for direct flight, per way is $ 75 USD PER SEGMENT + tax, if applicable. 

We remind you that passports are mandatory.

Strict requirements are enforced for all children under 18 years of age leaving the Dominican Republic. These children must bear an Exit Permit signed by both parents and authorized by the Migration Authorities in the Dominican Republic or representatives of the Dominican Republic abroad.

This applies to: 

Residents of the Dominican Republic traveling:
• Unaccompanied 
• With an adult other than his / her parent or legal guardian
• With only one parent

Children leaving the country with a person other than the one they entered with, in case they are:

• Dominican citizens residing abroad
• Foreign minors whose parents are Dominican citizens
• Foreign nationals

Keep in mind: This Exit Permit is required only for children leaving the Dominican Republic and not for children leaving the United States or entering the Dominican Republic.

This authorization must be in Spanish and notarized at a Dominican consulate in the United States or notarized and then certified in the Dominican Attorney General's Office (Prosecutor's Office) if performed in Dominican Republic. Although not a requirement for non-resident minors (in the Dominican Republic), the US Embassy recommends that all minors traveling to Dominican Republic without one or both parents possess a notarized document from the parent (s). This letter of authorization must:

• Be written in Spanish;
• Contain the name of the child, the parent / legal guardian, if applicable, the adult accompanying the child; and
• Be signed by the parent or legal guardian in front of a consulate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic.

The Embassy of the United States recommends that minors (under 18) traveling alone, with one parent, or with anyone other than their parents and who are not residents of the Dominican Republic possess a notarized document that incorporates the following:

• Current date
• Child's full name and date of birth
• The names of the parent, guardian, adult accompanying the child or the statement that the child is traveling as unaccompanied minor
• Travel destination
• Place where the child is staying
• Duration of stay
• Reason for visiting
• The letter must be signed by the parent (s) who is / are not traveling or the legal guardian (s) and should include the address and telephone number of the parent (s) not traveling. The card cannot be notarized by any notary.

Specific guidelines on the Dominican regulations forchildren traveling in the Dominican Republic can be found in Spanish in

* Dominican PAWA does not accept unaccompanied minors in connections with other airlines.