Travel assistance

In Pawa Dominicana we are always concerned about the safety of all passengers, so for your comfort we have prepared some recommendations to help make your trip more enjoyable.

In order to guarantee our assistance and service, it's important that all special services are notified and requested through our reservations center.

It might require prior notice of 48 hours prior to passenger registration if may required a manual or electric wheelchair on board the aircraft, including, but not limited to reservations made as a group, if you are transporting in a cabin a service animal or an animal that serves as emotional support, this particular case should be properly documented.

Recommendations for pregnant women usually vary depending on each specific case. It is suggested to consult a doctor before travelling, especially in cases of high risk pregnancies.


Preganancy StateRecommendation
Women with less than 28 weeks of pregnancy May travel without medical certificate, provided there is no other additional impediment.
Women with more than 28 weeks of pregnancy

After week 28, it is important to sign a Liability Release form.

It is important to bring a medical certificate authorizing permission to travel, indicating how far pregnant the passenger is. 

Women with newborns It is recommended to wait until the newborn baby is at least 7 days old.


Special medical conditions

Medically compromised passengers

We recommend taking into account the following observations for ill or injured passengers, either because they are able to meet their own needs or because they are assisted by a companion during the trip:

1. It is important that the passenger has a medical certificate, demonstrating that travelling may be concluded without requiring medical assistance during the flight. 

2. If you msut travel while suffering from a contagious disease, in order to have a pleasant journey it is important to receive suggestions from your doctor. 

       Travelling is permitted when:

Medical ConditionTime expected to wait before travellingTake into account
Anemia N/A Requierements as indicated by doctors
Arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. 72 hours after procedure has been completed. N/A
Asthma N/A Travelling is allowed, as long it has been authorized by doctors.
Divers 48 hours after last immersion has been made. N/A
Abdominal Surgeries 10 days after surgery. It is important to follow doctor's recommendations.
Thoracic Surgeries 21 days after surgery.  N/A
Cataracts Surgeries 2 weeks after procedure has been made. N/A
Colonoscopy (Surgery) 24 hours after procedure. N/A
Root Canal (Odontology) N/A 72 hours after treatment has been finished.
Pleural Effusion* Must wait 14 days. N/A
Retinal detachment (surgery) 3 Weeks after surgery N/A
Diabetes N/A Must take into account daily dosage for long flights, have in hand medical prescription; insulin and needles must go in unchecked baggage.
Cerebral Edema 24 hours before flying.  N/A
Interstitial Lung Disease * (ILD) N/A Consult with doctor to verify ability for making the trip.
Epilepsy N/A We suggest to travel with a health companion or a person familiar with the condition.
Fractures  48 hours after plaster cast has been placed. N/A
Gluteoplasty (Surgery) 14 days after surgery. N/A
Heart Attack

3 weeks after the incident.

Respiratory Infection N/A We recommend to consult with your doctor prior to travelling.
Liposuction / Mammoplasty (Surgery) 10 days after surgery. N/A
Pneumothorax 2 weeks after treatment.  N/A
Oxygen – dependents  N/A

We recommend to consult with your doctor prior to travelling.

Tracheostomy or cannula oxygenation N/A We recommend to consult your doctor prior to making the trip.
Corneal transplant (surgery) 4 weeks after surgery. N/A
Craniocerebral trauma A minimum of 7 days after incident. N/A
Varicose veins (surgery) 10 days after surgery. N/A


*In case medical oxygen services are required to achieve your flight, you should consult with your doctor about making the journey, likewise you must have personal oxygen bottles required for flight since PAWA Dominicana does not own equipment for this service.

Although in most cases passengers are not obliged to identify themselves as a passenger with a dissability, be aware that by providing detailed information will enable Pawa Dominicana staff to assit you better and help make your trip a better experience.

For security reasons Pawa Dominicana, may deny travel to passengers with the following medical conditions:
  1. Passengers with infectious diseases that might be transmitted to other passengers during the flight.
  2. People with state of near death or poor health.
  3. Pregnant women at high risk.
  4. Acute otitis media.
  5. Acute sinusitis.
  6. Psychiatric patients without medical control.
  7. Patients with broken jaw where the patient cannot open his mouth.


Recommendations for Passengers with medical conditions:

Passengers requiring use of an extra seat for their confort, must attain to the following regulations:

Must pay 100 % of the applicable rate for the same (purchase of extra seat, applicable to the portion of the trip in which you will use this seat).

To ensure all passengers a comfortable and secure flight on board, all customers should be able to easily raise and lower their seat’s armrest.

Checked baggage limits are determined by the number of seats purchased. When buying two seats, checked baggage limit is doubled. The passenger must take care of all personal luggage and be able to carry it through check areas and luggage carousel. However, unchecked baggage limit is not duplicated.

Note: For security measures, if the passenger does not meet the requirements for extra seat purchase or dimensions exceed the average length of the seat belt extension**, please contact cabin crew members for assistance.