Luggage allowance

With the purchase of your ticket, you can transport all the luggage that fits the following conditions with no additional cost:

Bag of 50 Lbs (23kg) to be sent as checked luggage and one hand luggage of 22 Lbs (10 kg) to travel in the passenger cabin. Checked luggage is that containing items such as clothing and personal effects necessary for the use and comfort or convenience during your trip. Hand luggage contains items of great value to the passenger such as laptops, phones, medicines, important documents and money.

Maximum dimensions for checked baggage.

Your luggage can reach a maximum total of 158 linear cm (50 cm high + 80 cm long + 28 cm wide).

Dimensions for hand luggage

Your baggage can reach a maximum total of 110 linear cm 55 cm high + 35 cm long + 20 cm wide)


We handle up to three (3) pieces in addition to the luggage allowance.
* Some restrictions apply for the Miami - San Juan routes.


1st piece extra $ 50 USD + Taxes
2nd extra piece: $100 USD + Taxes
3rd extra piece: $150 USD + Taxes
If overweight:
Excess baggage of one (1) up to three (3) kilos / up to three (3) kilos: $ 15 USD + Taxes
Excess baggage of four (4) up to six (6) kilos / up to six (6) kilos: $ 30 USD + Taxes
Excess baggage of seven (7) up to nine (9) kilos / mast nine (9) kilos: $ 45 USD + Taxes

* Luggage that exceeds the permitted dimensions, which can cause abuse or damage to luggage straps, oversize over 62 lineal inch ( 157 LCM)  cost $ 90USD + Taxes

Note: Some restrictions apply for the Miami - San Juan routes.

Boxes or bags up to 50 lbs (23 Kg) : subject to space

Boxes: weighing up to 50 Lbs (23 kg) and 50 cm high + 80 cm long + 28 cm wide, with a total of 158 linear cm. Insofar as they are resistant boxes, will be charged at:
1 to 22 Lbs (1 to 10 kg): $50 USD
22 to 99 Lbs (10 to 45 kg): $100 USD

*NOT allowed for the Miami - San Juan routes.

Acceptance of TVs

We allow transport TV¨s Between 17" and 42". The cost of transporting a TV, regardless of size, will $100 USD. Allowed size twenty-nine (29) linear inches / one hundred seventy-four (174) centimeters.
* Not allowed for the Miami - San Juan  routes. 

Baby carriers 

Each baby carrier has a cost of $ 10 USD.

Sports articles

All sports articles should be charged for transportation. This payment is only for the transportation.
* Some restrictions apply for the Miami - San Juan routes.
  • Bicycles $90 USD
  • Diving equipment $100 USD
  • Kitesurf equipment $150 USD
  • Windsurfing equipment $150 USD
  • Surfing equipment $100 USD
  • SKI equipment $100 USD
  • Golf equipment $50 USD
  • Other items $150 USD
    *Taxes not included

For more information on special baggage and policies, like the country to which travel must, enter our Luggage section.

* Weight up to seventy (70) lbs - thirty two (32) kilos


 Pets in cabin: cost is $ 100 USD PER SEGMENT + taxes.

Air cargo services

For information about our freight services please enter our Air Cargo section.

Charter flights

For more information about our charter flight services and how to request them, enter our Charter Flights section.

Unaccompanied child service

For direct flights, each way cost  $ 75 USD PER SEGMENT+ taxes
For more information and requirements, please enter our Unaccompanied child section.

Reservation service 

* As of  January first (1st) , 2018 the issuing ticket in a PAWA comercial office if the reservation has been made in the web portal, with the following cost: $ 10 USD + taxes, per ticket.

Tourist visa only Havana

One time cost of $ 20 USD.

Aruba tax exit

Cost $ 34.25 USD. Excludes children under 2 years. Must be paid in cash only.

Curaçao tax exit

Cost $ 39.00 USD. Must be paid in cash only.