Before making the refund request please check if the fare rate in the purchased ticket applies for refund. If the fare rate in the purchased ticket applies for refund, please make sure to complete the following requirements for the refund request:

  1. No refunds older than 13 months
  2. In case the payer of the ticket is a third person, attach a copy of the document (ID, passport or license)
  3. Attach the original ticket, if applicable
  4. Attach the copy of the passenger ID and the account holder
  5. Authorization letter only for direct relatives (to request such refund) for the cases of a minor, death or accidental causes
  6. Letter or mail explaining why you request the refund from the passenger.
  7. In case the ticket has been purchased with a CREDIT / DEBIT CARD, attach a LEGIBLE copy of the plastic front and the account statement where the consumption appears, since it will be deposited in this account..

Dear Passenger, if you have made the purchase of your ticket through a travel agency you must realize the refund process directly with it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ticket Details

Refund Receiver Account Data

*IMPORTANT - If the information provided is incorrect, you will be deducted the bank cost of the wire transfer.

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