Pets in cabin

Important to remember that the client is responsible for knowing the importing requirements of  pets from each country and collect all the appropriate documentation before traveling with a pet.

Transporting pets in the passenger cabin (PETC) is permitted provided they meet the following conditions:

• Shall not exceed a maximum weight of 6 kg including the Kennel.
• The Kennel may not exceed 25 cm high by 40 cm wide.
• It should not exhale an unpleasant smell for the rest of the passengers.
• They should be placed in a small Kennel that counts with the ventilation means that, even fully enclosed, would allow proper breathing of the animal. This in turn should be placed safely under the seat.
• Removing the animal from its container is not allowed under any circumstances during any phase of flight.
• They shall not be located in emergency exit seats.
• They will be accepted only up to a maximum of five (5) pet per flight.
• Transporting the pet must be paid and the amount to be paid is 100USD PER SEGMENT+ taxes. 
• This does not replace hand luggage.
• It is accepted only one pet per passenger.
• Brachycephalic breeds of pets are NOT accepted for transportation by air, motivated physical condition (breathing). These races are:
   Affenpinscher, Bulldog (all races), Lhasa Apso, Pug (all races), Cane Corso Mastiff (all races), Shar Pei, Boston Terrier, Dogo Argentino,Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Boxer (all races), English Toy Spaniel, Pit Bull, Tibetan Spaniel, Brussels Griffon, Japanese Chin, Presa Canario.
Burmese, Persian, Himalayo, Exotic Shorthair.

About service animals: assistance animals - emotional support animals

The following are defined as service animals:

1. Assistance animals: Those guide dogs, signal dogs or other dogs trained for the assistance of a person with mobility or reduced functionalities.

The certainty that it is an assistance animal will be valid in the form of identification card or tag or other written documents, the presence of harnesses and the guarantee word of the customer that is assisted by the animal.

2. Emotional support animals: Service animals that can assist passengers who require emotional support.

The transport of service animals is accepted as long as they meet the traveling pets requirements previously described, on the other hand in case the service animal is for emotional support, the passenger must present a medical certificate certifying that the pet is necessary for the mental well-being of the passenger to be transported on the flight.

Service animals may be carried on board as long as their size does not obstruct a corridor nor can they be located at an emergency exit. Equally, the service animal should behave appropriately and should not be a threat to any of the clients.

 Allowed cage