1. How can I buy my tickets in Pawa Dominicana?
Pawa Dominicana offers several options to do your reservation and purchase your ticket:
- Buying directly on our website www.pawadominicana.com
- Calling our reservation center at +829.735.0300 / +844.200.7292
- Visiting the nearest Pawa Dominicana sales office
- Requesting our services at the travel agency of your choice
We remind you that you should always check all the details ticket, including names, dates, destinations, times confirmation, just before you pay. Once your ticket is issued, the changes are restricted according to your paid rate. Always check the conditions of your rate before issuing the desired reservation; there is always a rate that best fits your needs.
2. What payment methods can I use to buy in Pawa Dominicana?

There are currently several payment methods available for the purchase of your tickets:

- Credit card
Through our website Pawa Dominicana, Reservation Center and Sales Offices. As a security measure for purchases made with credit cards through our Website, we could be requesting data and necessary information for the authentication of the transaction and might be validated (stamped) prior starting your trip or the day of your trip at the airport. If you prefer we have other payment options designed to assist you in your comfort and preference.

- Cash
Making your reservation from or reservation center, you can go within the time limit of your reservation, to make your payment in cash at any of our offices closest to you. For a list of our offices please click here.

3. I bought through Pawa Dominicana website, but I have not received the confirmation, what should I do?
To verify your purchase and details of your ticket issue (s) you should call our reservation center at +829.735.0300 / +844.200. 7292 at their opening hours. Additionally you can verify with your bank about the ticket charge. If there is a data transmission error and your ticket has not been issued, the return of your transaction will be automatically managed.
4. Where can I get assistance with my purchase?
For immediate assistance on rates, reservations, sales and changes available, you can reach us through our agents from Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM - Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, by contacting the following numbers:
+829.735.0300 from the Dominican Republic
+1. 844.200.7292 From the United States - St. Maarten - Aruba
+599.9.788.7292 From Curaçao
For more information on schedules and directions of care, look for the details in the Contact Us section.
You can also visit us at the Pawa Dominicana office nearest you.
5. I have noticed that I have an error on my ticket, what should I do?
You must contact our reservation center or any Pawa Dominicana office immediately, check the conditions of your rate, and verify if apply the desired changes.
Remember once issued your ticket certain restrictions and / or penalties apply.
If your ticket is purchased through a travel agency, you should contact your representative directly to inquire about the options.
We remind you:
- Tickets are not endorsable to another person
- Certain rates are not refundable
6. I'm buying just one way ticket, will I have problems getting out of the country?
If you are traveling with a visa or you are not a resident or citizen of the country where your destination is addressed, you must have a valid departure document, as a return to your country, otherwise you will not be allowed to leave your origin destination.
7. What are the immigration requirements for my trip?
It is essential to confirm the visa requirements and travel permits corresponding to your nationality and destination directly with your consulate. The fulfillment of the immigration requirements is complete responsibility of the passenger. Remember to have the same ones in place and available for the dates of your trip. Pawa Dominicana is not responsible for changes in dates due to non-compliance.
8. What are the requirements for traveling with pets in the United States?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US (CDC) requires that all dogs and cats that are imported into the United States are in good health on arrival and show no signs of communicable diseases. Similarly, the CDC requires all dogs entering the United States are vaccinated against rabies. Vaccinations must be made at least 30 days before the arrival of the dog to the United States. Because puppies should not be vaccinated before three months of age, puppies dogs that have less than 4 months old will not be admitted.

All dogs (pets, service animals, emotional support animals) entering the United States must be accompanied by a certificate valid rabies vaccination signed by a certified veterinarian and must include the following information:

  • Information that can give the dog identify and detail including race, sex, age, color, special features.
  • Date of rabies vaccination, specifying that was 30 days before arrival in the United States.
  • Expiration date of vaccination. If an expiration date is not specified, vaccination must have been made within the previous 12 months on arrival in the United States.
  •  Signing of a certified veterinarian.
You can check out additional information about traveling with pets here.
9. How does the medicines transportation works?

If you need medicines that need to be injected, it is important that please have the prescription from your doctor in case any security agent required. Regarding the syringes, they must be duly sealed. Only a syringe or vial will be accepted per passenger per flight, unless a medical report indicating a higher dose of medication.

In the case of transport of medicines with dry ice, it must be in a container or cava that have holes that allow you to download carbon dioxide. The maximum amount allowed is 2.5 kilograms or 4 pounds.

  • The containers must be resistant, ventilated and made of plastic material. No containers or packages of "Foam" to transport dry ice are allowed
  • Be sure to clearly indicate on the container, it contains dry and ice specify the following information: Net weight and type .
10. What precautions should I submit to transport medicines on board?

Never forget to bring the original medical report (if possible include a copy of it) if required by airport authorities or security personnel airline, as well as the original bills of medicines or any document certifying its origin.

11. What if I require to carry liquid medications?

If the medicines required are liquid, they are exempt from complying with international limitations, provided you with a detailed medical report on your condition and its amount is justified to be consumed during the flight. Remember that in total cannot exceed 100 ml of liquids on board.

12. If I made a mistake with the name of the passenger in ticket, will you allow me to make the change?
Name change is allowed up to two (2) letters with no additional cost, as long as the meaning or name is not changed. For example, in the change of letter of the surnames Hernandez to Fernandez, since the meaning is change, it would NOT be allowed.
Likewise, no change in full name or transfer of ticket to another passenger is allowed, you will see the non-endorsable word in your ticket which means that it cannot be transferred.
13. What are the conditions to cancel or change my ticket?
Each  ticket has the conditions of change and cancellation that apply, according to the rate you have purchased.
If you have made the purchase via the website, you can verify the condition of each rate at the time of booking and / or purchase, in "Rate Rules" where the maximum stay, penalty for change or cancellations and conditions of reimbursement if applicable, among other applicable conditions.
If you have made your purchase in one of our commercial offices  or Travel Agency, you can consult  your service agent, and it will be glad to give you all the details.

For changes or cancellations, any difference in the applicable rate will be charged in addition to a possible fee in the rates change.

In case of no-show on the day of the flight to the airport without notice (No Show), your ticket will be canceled without possibility of use it, change it or reimbursement.
14. If I bought a ticket and require my invoice with fiscal support ( "Comprobante fiscal" in spanish) , what is the process? ( Applies only for Dominican Republic)
If you have purchased your ticket in one of our commercial offices or in our website and you want your invoice with fiscal support ; You must make your request through to our Blue Mall sales office, Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM - Sundays from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
You must indicate the necessary data to make the request for this invoice.
15. Can I change or cancel my itinerary after buying my ticket?
To make changes to your ticket you can go to our web portal, in the "My Reservations" section from the Home page. When completing the mandatory fields, such as reservation code (PNR) and surnames, you will be re directed to a control panel where when selecting "Change" or "Cancel", you can modify or cancel your itinerary; Then it will take you to the payment platform, where the charges for changes and / or cancellations will be applied and, if applicable, the charges for changing the rate. Then you will receive a new email, showing your air ticket with the new changes or canceled. You could apply partial refund for cancellation, if your rate allows it.
16. I bought a round trip ticket, but I cannot make the first segment flight. Will my ticket be canceled?
When the depart segment of a ticket is not used, the return segment is automatically canceled.
If you cannot make any of your flights, you can change or cancel it. You can verify  question 15 to know more of this process. Remember that charges for changes, cancellations and, if applicable, charges for rate changes apply
17. If I require special assistance or special food, how I request it?
You can contact our customer service for these requests: +829. 735.0300 / +844.200.7292 / +599.9.788.7292 - Open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM AST Special meals must be reserved at least forty-eight (48) business hours before departure, only for the route to / from Miami. Depending on the type of special meal, an additional charge may apply.
18. Who can complete the online check in process?
The online check-in allows you to have and print your boarding pass and avoid the long lines at the airport. It is allowed to perform from 24 hours before until 6 hours before the flight
You can check in online if the passengers are adults. As a maximum of 9 passengers in the same reservation, it is NOT allowed to check in online of GROUPS.
NO online check-in of infants or children without accompanying an adult is allowed. So an adult and an infant can check in, but the infant only does not.
Online check-in is allowed for any air ticket purchased in any commercial office of Pawa Dominicana, (Direct and Indirect)
On the route from HAVANA it is not available to do the online check in. (If available to HAVANA)
19. If I use online check in, when should I be in the counter?
If you have already checked in online, and have your boarding pass in hand; must be submitted at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight, even if you do not have a luggage to check.
20. If I am at the airport ready to make my flight, and there is a delay, how do I find out?
You can always consult our service agents at the airport and they will provide you with updates on the status of your flight, and if there is any delay, it will indicate the causes of it. You can also check the information of our flights on the airport screens.
21. What is the service "Reserve Now, Pay Later" ?
This "Book Now Pay Later" service ( BNPL) is as the name implies, a reservation for a period of time, and does not imply the purchase or purchase of the air ticket.

This is a guarantee that the selected rate has been pre-blocked for the period of time previously chosen. This reservation block has an expiration time after which, if the total purchase is not made, it will be automatically released with the possibility of not being available when requesting a new reservation. As time goes by, the user loses the reservation. The times and charges available are as follows:
- Twenty-four (24) hours, at no additional cost: FREE
- Forty-eight (48) hours a service charge of eight (8) USD applies
- Seventy-two (72) hours applies a service charge of ten (10) USD.

These charges is the non-refundable reservation fee does not apply as partial payment of the ticket.
This service is available 30 calendar days before the flight and is not refundable. Likewise, they are not combinable with each other. The user, for example, can not pay eighteen (18) dollars to have one hundred and twenty (120) hours of reservation. At the time of making the full payment of your air ticket, pre-blocked; Ticket issuance charges may apply if done outside the web portal. For example, If the user chooses twenty-four (24) free hours and goes to one of our commercial offices, he must pay ten (10) USD for issuing the ticket. Only applies for public rates (promotion does not apply, groups, special agreements)
22. What is considered a GROUP? And what are the conditions to request it?
Groups are considered a minimum of ten (10) passengers flying together, on the same dates and under the same locator. The agency or the organizer of the group is responsible for the flight of a minimum of ten (10) passengers, otherwise the amount to be paid will be reverted to the public rate and exclusive privileges will be lost. Pawa Dominicana grants a free ticket or Tour Driver for every thirteen (13) passengers paid, this or these passenger (s) will only pay the amount corresponding to the taxes. Infants or children are not counted for this concession. The airline is not responsible for the adjustments of taxes and government fees that may be generated.

The conditions of this service of GROUPS are the following:
- No date changes apply
- You can apply name changes before the broadcast
- No name changes apply after the issuance of tickets
- Tickets must be issued 15 days before the departure of the flight
- The total payment must be completed 30 days before the departure of the flight
- This rate is not combinable with promotions, discounts, corporate or negotiated rates.
- The organizer must notify the number of infants and / or children included in the trip. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with the proper permits according to the regulations established by immigration in each country.

For more information and details, you can write to grupos@pawadominicana.com.
23. What is a CHARTER flight service? And what are the requirements to request a quote for this service?
PAWA DOMINICANA has a specialized department to offer the option of a complete charter flight service between all our destinations and in regional level. Charter flights are non-scheduled flights operations, which we make available to passengers.

If you want to make a quote for this service, we required: Travel dates (Round trip), Route and Number of passengers; We will be sending the answer between forty-eight (48) to seventy-two (72) working hours. We also require documents that are need for the preparation of a charter flight contract once the operation is confirmed:
  • Company's record 
  • Business registry of the company
  • Letter from the company authorizing the signatory
  • Copy of the identity card or passport of the person signing
For more information and details, you can write to charter@pawadominicana.com.
24. What is the payment method for a CHARTER operation? Do you have payment deadlines?

The payment methods for a charter operation are the following:

  • Bank deposit
  • Wire transfer

In the same way, the payment terms for a charter operation are the following:

  • 30% of the total amount payable against signing the contract
  • 70% remaining payable seven (7) days before the charter operation
  • 100% of the total amount of the airport taxes seven (7) days before the charter operation.

For more information and details, you can write to charter@pawadominicana.com.

25.Can I make cash payments at your airport office in MIAMI?
No, from the first (1st) of December 2017, as part of our efforts to maintain a more efficient and agile experience in the processes  via counters in the MIAMI airport,  it will not be accepting cash payments only payments in credit or debit cards accepted.