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PAWA Dominicana informs all its passengers that the operations of our airline are suspended pending the disposition of the Dominican authorities.

We invite our passengers not to show up at the PAWA Dominicana counters at all airports, as they are kept closed.

We continue working together with these authorities seeking a solution to this situation and we regret the inconvenience that this causes to thousands of passengers.

PAWA Dominicana will be reimbursing air tickets to affected passengers in the next weeks after they process their request. 
The process can be initiated through our web page: https://pawadominicana.com/en/passenger-information/refund-request or contacting your travel agent.

Please find below our telephones:
Rep. Dom. 829 -735 0300 &
USA & Puerto Rico 844 - 200 - 7292
Curacao 599-9-788-7292

The Wings of the Dominican Republic



Offer an international air transport service of quality, reliable, efficient and profitable.



Be the preferred airline in the Dominican Republic and position ourselves as the Caribbean HUB.




Business objectives

Promote the tourist and economic growth of the Dominican Republic. Strengthen the Dominicans' bond with their land through their national airline.

Increase the volume of passengers and the offer of destinations.
Guarantee the efficiency in the service provided with the investment in new technologies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PAWA Dominicana has assumed a commitment to provide timely and necessary assistance to the communities where it has a presence through its regular operations. Likewise, it seeks to contribute to their improvement in social terms.

As part of that platform of Corporate Social Responsibility, PAWA Dominicana collaborates with the "Alas Solidarias" foundation of the Cóndor Group, which carries out programs for children and adolescents on health, education and awareness issues regarding pregnancy prevention in adolescence and HIV. Also, treat cancer and other conditions that may affect their quality of life, such as Down Syndrome and autism. The foundation has a range of action in all countries where its airlines make commercial flights, especially in Miami, Florida; Caracas Venezuela; and now in the Dominican Republic.

Discover more about us

  • We are part of the Cóndor Group together with ASERCA Airlines, SBA Airlines and La Línea Turística Aerotuy.
  • From 2015 to June 2017, we have mobilized approximately 300 thousand passengers. Only in the first semester of 2017, we transport around 160,000 people.
  • We currently carry out 110 weekly flights, with an average of 85% occupancy.
  • One of our main features is that we allow one ( 1) suitcase (Piece) of 50 pounds (23kg) as checked baggage without cost and one (1) carry-on luggage of 22 pounds (10kg) to travel in the cabin with our passenger. In addition, we offer snacks and drinks on board, at no additional cost.

Our Destinations

From our connection center, Las Américas International Airport Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez, we transport our passengers to:

• Curaçao
• Aruba
• Antigua
• St. Maaten
• Miami
• Havana
• San Juan

We plan to expand our operations from the Dominican Republic to the airports of Santiago and Punta Cana, and soon to begin flights with destinations to New York and other Caribbean islands .

Our achievements

In 2017, we received recognition as " 2016 Airline of the year" from the Dominican Association of Tourism Intermediaries (ADOTUR). 

In gratitude for the support provided after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Prime Minister of San Martin, William Martin, presented a plaque of recognition for the humanitarian aid offered by PAWA Dominicana to the victims of this island.

Airline of the Year "at the 17th edition of the 2017 South Florida Leadership for Excellence Gala Awards.


Everyday we work to make a history of success and services



PAWA’S history dates back to the year 2002.



In 2007 we received the Air Explorer 121 Certificate, granted by the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation, which authorizes transport operations at national and international level, both on regular and non-scheduled flights, and on charter flights.

We undertook our first scheduled flights on October 1, 2007 to Port-au-Prince, and our charter flights to Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, belonging to the Caribbean. At that time we already had all the relevant authorizations, in addition to a human and technical team prepared for the challenge.

That same year, we obtained Category I of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America (FAA), which qualifies us to fly to that country. To start operations at this new destination, we acquired our first DC-9 aircraft (30).



We had the privilege of making the first regular flight of a Dominican line to the United States, since 1993. In this way, we began to expand our operations in the region.



In this year we incorporated flights to the cities of San Juan, in the neighboring island of Puerto Rico, thus uniting important tourist routes.



Under a new administration with more than 25 years of experience in international airlines, and together with a professional team committed to our solid vision of the future, we focused on executing the recertification of our airline and the restart of its flight operations. With this, we are able to merge and reinforce the technical, strategic, financial and managerial support necessary to guarantee a successful commercial operation.



With a significant investment in equipment and infrastructure to offer a better service, and under the strictest international standards, we restarted our operations on August 14 of this year, with a strategic plan that included the start-up of regular flights to the destinations of Curacao, Aruba, San Martin Miami, Havana, San Juan and New York



At the beginning of this year, we were able to expand our horizons by adding to our offer of destinations the route to Havana, Cuba.

 As a new fruit of our work, we managed to add the destination to Port-au-Prince, capital of our neighboring country, Haiti.

In mid-2016, we incorporated San Juan, Puerto Rico, into our destinations with an inter-daily flight frequency. To mark this milestone, we held an opening ceremony at the Luis Múñoz Marín International Airport in that city.

To achieve our goal of connecting the entire Caribbean, we signed a new commercial alliance with the main Venezuelan airline Aserca Airlines, thus enabling Venezuelans to fly to the different Caribbean destinations of PAWA Dominicana.

In mid-November, we incorporated the route to Miami with two daily flights, thus allowing the connection with the second zone with the highest concentration of Dominicans in the United States.



Committed to the quality of the service we provide, in October of this year, through an agreement with the company Saber Airline Solutions, we concluded the process of technological transformation with the migration of the KIU reservation system to the SabreSonic system.

With this agreement, we became one of the more than 225 global airlines that have opted for Saber technology for its effectiveness and outstanding performance.


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